Sweet Williams Co. Floral Design

About Us


but I could never envision that really happening.

Fast forward and Sweet Williams Co blossomed in January of 2021, when doors were closing in the world, and everything seemed so unknown.

I lost my employment due to the closures and had no idea if the company I was employed with would re-open. My husband and I were talking and trying to figure out what we were going to do, and he said, “why not open your flower shop?” I laughed it off as if he was nuts! What?! How?!

With the world at the state of where it was, there was a transition to home-based work and, e-commerce and contactless businesses models were growing. It dawned on both of us, we could make a floral shop model run online, selling exquisite flowers you can’t get at the grocery store. Wedding flowers for everyday occasions! Contactless delivery or pick up and share every aspect of what we are doing on social media. From that idea Sweet Williams Co bloomed.

Where does our name come from?

Sweet William is a flower that my mother-in-law always had flourishing in her yard, and Williams is our last name, it just seemed like the perfect fit. The flower you see in our logo is the Sweet William flower, it ties it all together sweetly!

Now almost two years being open our floral studio has grown beyond what I could have ever dreamed. We have flowers available for purchase every single day from our home, in addition we provide fresh florals for weddings, events, subscriptions, bulk orders, workshops and DIY options. We do all this with a unique personal experience, direct communication with me where relationships have been built that I value. In recent we have taken on growth and have hired a team member to assist with all things of the business. As our business grows, more flowers grow, our relationships grow, our space grows, and our team grows.

Thank you to all of you...

for being that incredible support and giving us an opportunity to provide you with the most beautiful flowers.