Sweet Williams Co. Floral Design

DIY Studio

Are you a fan of Do It Yourself projects, are you looking to save a few dollars?

Do you want to design your own wedding flowers?

Do you have an upcoming event and you just need to order in bulk flowers? Then you have come to the right place. We can work with you to order the flowers your heart has been dreaming of. Do you need the space to work, tools, and storage for all of your designs? Did you need a little bit of guidance, but don’t want the professional to do it, no problem we can help.

I want to welcome you to the newest addition of Sweet Williams Co, our DIY studio. We know there are very creative, talented people out there, that want to do their own wedding flowers, bring in bulk flowers for a special occasions, have a space to let the creative juices flow. This is why our studio it is available to rent out, we can offer you the space with the tools you need, the cooler storage to keep your designs fresh until you need them, and spend the time to work with you to make sure we order in all the flowers that you ever wanted for your occasion.

We are so excited to have this space available to all of you, we are humble and know that not everyone wants a florist to design for them, but we are always around to make your process easier!

Thank you for choosing Sweet Williams Co for any and all things flowers.


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